Susan Dabbous

Consultant Human Rights advocate within the EU institutions

Susan is a consultant Human Rights advocate within the EU institutions for No Peace Without Justice. Her expertise is focused on human rights violations and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa region. Susan is an Italian-Syrian reporter who spent seven years in the Middle East. She covered conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Northern Iraq, Israel and Palestine for several Italian media agencies including SkyTG24, Avvenire and La Repubblica. She is the author of ‘How would you like to die? Diary of a kidnapping in Syria’. The book is a chronicle of the days she spent in captivity whilst held by an Islamist group in Syria. Her second book, ‘La ragazza di Homs’, is a novel published by Castelvecchi in 2018. As a result of her experiences in the Middle East, she has been invited to speak about the Syrian conflict to high profile organizations including the European Commission (CTMORSE), the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and a TEDx conference.

Phone number: +32 2 781 08 23