Zeineb Hamed


Zeineb is currently studying as an MA student at LaRochelle University in France. She Specialises in languages, Culture and International affairs in the Asia Pacific region. Her speciality is mainly focused on the Chinese diaspora.  For her degree, she worked on several Human Rights topics such as the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict, Bride trafficking, the Rohingya massacre, etc. She also speaks 4 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English and French. She is currently working on her master’s thesis, titled ‘ The impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on  Africa’. The major goal of the subject is to examine the cultural and economic impact on Africa's poor countries and to attempt to comprehend the current transitions that the continent is undergoing.
Zeineb formerly attended the Law Faculty of the University of Aix-Marseille.  Zeineb studied both civil law and international law as part of her legal education, with a focus on business law and private international law. She has degrees from Lyon II University in Private International Law, Legal English, and International Taxation and Company Law (British and American).
While conducting her undergraduate studies, she was engaged in humanitarian works in Aix-en-Provence. She was the Vice-Secretary General of the Unicef Aix campus. She was also an active volunteer in other local organisations such as Afev which works with underprivileged kids in Marseille. She was also a volunteer at the National Institute of Child Protection in Tunisia and LEO Club International which deepened her interest in Humanitarian rights as well as her interest in children protection policies. She also took part in a traineeship program where she afterwards became a referent for the fight against extremism, racism, anti-semitism and discrimination.

Email: zhamed@npwj.org