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Kosovo: L'Ufficio del Procuratore chiede l'incriminazione del Presidente Thaci, altri Continua

Libia: NPSG si congratula per l'istituzione di una missione d’inchiesta ONU come un passo significativo nella lotta contro l’impunità Continua

Newsletter di Non c'è pace senza giustizia, Numero 3/2020 Continua

"Beyond Covid-19: Justice Impact" Continua

NPSG respinge le sanzioni statunitensi e si schiera con la CPI Continua

Darfur: NPWJ welcomes the transfer of Ali Kushayb to ICC’s custody as an important step towards accountability Continua

Bahrain: NPWJ welcomes the release of Nabeel Rajab and calls for all prisoners of conscience to be freed Continua

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Beyond Covid-19: "Guinea: atrocities in the name of the State" Continua

#BlackLivesMatter: NPWJ stands with those fighting against impunity and working to transform our societies on the basis of equality and human rights for all Continua

Special BeyondCovid19 webcast livestream: Don't Miss Artists for Amazonia! Continua

Tunisian NGOs Call Upon Moroccan Authorities to Release Independent Newspaper Editor and End Criminalization of Freedom of Expression Continua

"Beyond Covid-19: a nine-year lockdown for Bahrain" Continua

Rwanda's genocide: NPWJ welcomes arrest of Félicien Kabuga as an important step in the fight against impunity Continua

"Beyond Covid-19: Human Rights and Arbitrary Detention in Egypt" Continua

Afghanistan: NPWJ strongly condemns the horrific attacks and pay tribute to the victims Continua

Yemen: Over 150 NGOs appeal for death sentences of four journalists to be overturned Continua

"Beyond Covid-19: The struggle for justice for Jamal Khashoggi" Continua

"Beyond Covid-19: no respite for Syria?" Continua

Sudan: NPWJ accoglie l’adozione di una legge contro le MGF da parte del governo di transizione Continua

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"Beyond Covid-19: Lockdown on women's rights?" Continua

"Beyond Covid-19. For Rohingya genocide victims, an emergency within the emergency" Continua

Group of Tunisian and international NGOs address letter to Tunisian authorities requesting specific measures to protect marginalised people during the COVID-19 crisis Continua

Ending Impunity: Now Is the Time for a UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia Continua

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Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) - Statement summary Continua

Tunisia: Human rights associations and organizations call for withdrawing new draft law that would endanger and limit freedom of expression and press Continua

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