18 Feb 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM and Women's Rights


Ivanka Trump lauds Saudi and UAE over women’s rights but is silent on ‘torture’
By Middle East Monitor , 17 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been lauded by Ivanka Trump for the progress they have made in advancing women’s rights. The daughter of US President Donald Trump praised two of America’s main allies in the Middle East, but has remained silent over the plight of a number of female activists jailed and allegedly tortured for their opposition to the Gulf monarchies. Delivering the keynote address at the two-day Global Women’s Forum held at an opulent resort in Dubai, Trump praised the oil-rich regional states for embarking on “significant reforms” to advance women’s rights. “We know that when women are free to succeed, families thrive, communities flourish and nations are stronger,” she said.


Landmark ruling grants women equal rights in Indian army
By CNN , 17 Feb 2020

India's Supreme Court ruled on Monday in favor of equal rights in the armed forces, ordering the government to grant permanent commission and command positions to women officers on par with men. The judgment, seen as a landmark decision for the Indian military, means that all women will now be eligible for the same promotions, ranks, benefits and pensions as their male counterparts, irrespective of their years of service or whether they had retired.


US gender equality: House to decide Equal Rights Amendment
By AlJazeera America, 13 Feb 2020

 A century-old effort to enshrine gender equality in the US constitution is on the verge of success. The House of Representatives is considering whether to extend a deadline that would allow the Equal Rights Amendment to be added to the constitution. If successful, it would prohibit the government from denying equal rights to a person on the basis of their sex.


Women’s rights: MEPs call for action to fight backlash against gender equality
By European Parliament , 11 Feb 2020

 Ahead of the 64th UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW64) in New York in March, Parliament spelled out its priorities on Thursday. In a resolution adopted by 463 votes in favour, 108 against and 50 abstentions, MEPs deplore that many of the challenges identified by the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action 25 years ago are still relevant today. They call on the Council to ensure a unified EU position and act to counter the backlash against gender equality and all measures undermining women’s rights.


Young Men Embrace Gender Equality, but They Still Don’t Vacuum
By The New York Times, 11 Feb 2020

 Young people today have become much more open-minded about gender roles — it shows up in their attitudes about pronouns, politics and sports. But in one area, change has been minimal. They are holding on to traditional views about who does what at home. A new survey from Gallup found that among opposite-sex couples, those ages 18 to 34 were no more likely than older couples to divide most household chores equitably.