18 Nov 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


The failed diplomacy between Morocco and Polisario
Al Jazeera, 18 Nov 2020

The recent violence in Western Sahara marks a collapse of a 29-year ceasefire between the pro-independence Polisario Front and the pro-autonomy Kingdom of Morocco, mirroring the repeated diplomatic failures of the two parties – and of the international community – to broker a sustainable peace agreement over who controls the territory.


Everything you need to know about the SAS war crimes report
The New Daily , 18 Nov 2020

The findings of a long and secretive probe into allegations of war crimes among Australia’s elite military unit will now be made public.The spotlight will be shone on the Australian Special Forces, which are used to operating in the shadows, revealing in part war crimes that were committed during the Afghanistan War.


Greece faces legal action over alleged expulsion of Syrian to Turkey
The Guardian , 17 Nov 2020

In the latest allegation that Greek authorities are illegally expelling refugees , lawyers will this week file a case at the UN human rights committee on behalf of a Syrian man living in Germany, who says he was picked up and sent to Turkey while he searched for his brother in Greece.


Foreign Office resists release of files on support for UK mercenaries in Sri Lanka
The Guardian , 15 Nov 2020

The Foreign Office is resisting publishing files relating to its diplomatic support for British mercenaries in Sri Lanka in the 1980s, despite the Metropolitan police launching an unprecedented inquiry into potential war crimes by those individuals.


Violations continuing against Belarus protesters, UN human rights office warns
UN News, 13 Nov 2020

More than three months on from the disputed presidential election in Belarus, the Belarusian Government continues to “wield the machinery of the State to commit human rights violations”, the Spokesperson for the UN human rights office warned on Friday.