19 January 2021 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM & Women's Rights


Taxis for ladies: Putting the brakes on crime in South African city
Reuters, 18 Jan 2021

From a women-only driving school to an all-female taxi service - a South African activist-turned-entrepreneur is tackling high rates of sexual assault by providing safe transport in one of the country’s most crime-ridden areas.


Woman's Autonomy Can't Be Denied Under the Garb of Protection: Petition Opposes UP Ordinance
The Wire, 18 Jan 2021

Intervening in the proceedings against the anti-conversion ordinance promulgated by the Uttar Pradesh government, a women’s rights group has said that the law promotes right-wing conspiracy theories such as ‘love jihad’ and ‘ghar wapsi’, while denying a woman’s right to autonomy.


Incest Scandal Sets Off a New #MeToo Movement in France
The New York Times, 18 Jan 2021

A scandal involving a prominent French intellectual accused of sexually abusing his teenage stepson has prompted a wave of testimonies on social media from people in France who say they were also victims of incest, shedding light on what campaigners say is a major problem.


Decade after revolution, Tunisia’s women face uphill battle
Aljazeera, 17 Jan 2021

Ten years ago, Tunisian women poured onto the streets to help overthrow autocratic leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali after nearly 20 years in power, and, for some, to denounce the patriarchal nature of Tunisia’s political sphere.


Edinburgh University article on transphobia sparks protest by women's rights group
The Scotsman, 15 Jan 2021

A women's rights group has accused Edinburgh University of misrepresenting women's concerns in an article entitled "What is Transphobia?", which it published online.