9 April 2019 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM & Women's Rights


Canada pours Sh586 million to support women’s rights groups
Nairobi News, 09 Apr 2019

The Canadian government has given women’s rights organisations in Kenya Sh586 million in grants to promote issues of gender equality. Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya, Lisa Stadelbauer, said the funds will benefit approximately 120 women’s rights organisations across the country by enhancing their effectiveness.


How Gender Identity Extremism at UN Threatens Rights of Real Women and Girls
The Daily Signal, 08 Apr 2019

When thousands of delegates and activists from around the world gathered recently in New York for the United Nations’ 63rd Commission on the Status of Women, the ostensible purpose of the 12-day gathering was to discuss the priority theme of access to social protection systems and to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls.


Speech: Penny Mordaunt on improving sexual health rights globally
Gov.UK, 08 Apr 2019

 Thank you everyone for being here and thank you to Canada for hosting us. A lot of people have thanked me for coming along today because they know the turmoil that Parliament is in, all the stresses and strains that are going on and it is difficult times that is for sure. And quite a lot of people say to me how do you keep going, why have you stuck with it, why have you stayed there. I say something like it is my duty, the country needs us to find a way through, we need to hold Remainers and Brexiteers together. But the real reason is that I want to stay in post to attend Women Deliver.


Bringing Syrian women’s voices to the table
ReliefWeb, 08 Apr 2019

 The date is 12 January 2019. It is a windy Saturday morning in the fifth-largest city of Germany, Frankfurt. Inside the far more warm conference room, 45 Syrian women have arranged to meet. Together, they are the ‘Syrian Women’s Political Movement’ (SWPM).


Jordan: End Child Marriage in Status Talks
Human Rights Watch, 03 Apr 2019

Changes in Jordan’s personal status law under discussion in parliament should be expanded to include ending child marriage entirely and providing full equality for women in marriage, divorce, or inheritance, Human Rights Watch said today. Jordan should seize the opportunity to prevent child marriage and enforce the minimum marriage age of 18 without exception.