Agnes Heinrici


Agnes recently graduated from the European Master´s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation. The first semester took place at the Global Campus in Venice, Italy and the second at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia. Agnes’ research interests revolve around the human rights of the Deaf community, persons with disabilities as well as gender rights and the right to health. Her awarded Master’s thesis explored these areas and will be published soon. It is called “Handle with Care: How to Improve Access to Healthcare for Deaf People in a Pandemic”.
As a medical doctor, Agnes has practical working experience in a specialised clinic for the Deaf in Linz, Austria. She also volunteered at the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace of the Austrian Medical Students´ Association, organising workshops and participating in human rights trainings. Alongside this interest, she gained international experience through internships in hospitals in Greece, Germany and Malta.
She also has numerous years of working experience in supporting persons with disabilities and working with children. Moreover, human rights education and mental health are further topics close to her heart. She enjoys writing, speaks fluent German and English and has basic knowledge of Austrian Sign Language. Currently she is learning French and Greek.