Eventi e attività

Side-event on “Justice and Accountability for Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes Against the Rohingya" Continua

Conference “Fighting FGM in Europe. Increasing the impact of policies against Female Genital Mutilations” Continua

"Dynamics of Human Rights Violations and Impunity in Libya" Continua

«UNCUT: La révolution des femmes contre les mutilations sexuelles féminines » Continua

“Stakeholders Consultations on Recommendations to contribute to an increased efficacy of the legal and policy framework to prevent and combat FGM in Belgium, France and Italy.” Continua

The ICJ Genocide case. Rohingya perspectives Continua

"Verità e giustizia per il giornalista Jamal Khashoggi" Continua

ICJ Genocide Case: The Rohingya Right of Reply Continua

“All that glitters is not gold”. Child Victims of Proxy Wars in the Middle East Continua

Accountability for the Rohingya Genocide: the ICJ Case Continua

Human Rights and Freedom Under Siege Continua

Amazonia Beyond the Crisis. Accountability for deforestation: preventing further human rights, environmental, and economic disasters Continua

Renforcer les politiques de lutte contre les MGF et la coopération entre les parties prenantes Continua

Side event on "Silencing Dissent" Continua

“Sostenere la lotta contro le MGF: tutelare i diritti delle donne esigendo la piena applicazione della legge” Continua

Side event on "Death Notifications and Negation of Justice in Syria" Continua

Supporting the Fight against Female Genital Mutilation: Promoting Women's Rights by Demanding the Full Enforcement of Law Continua

Peninsular Perspectives: Human rights and accountability in the UAE and the region Continua

Conference: “What Next for Justice in Syria?” Continua

Victims speak out against impunity and in defense of transitional justice Continua