Eventi e attività

Peninsular Perspectives: Human rights and accountability in the UAE and the region Continua

Conference: “What Next for Justice in Syria?” Continua

Victims speak out against impunity and in defense of transitional justice Continua

Mostra Evento UNCUT – La Guerra delle Donne contro le Mutilazioni dei Genitali Femminili Continua

High level side event “From vulnerable to protagonist: empowering women against human rights denial committed “for her own good” Continua

Syria: Training on Negotiations Continua

Conferenza sul ventesimo anniversario dello Statuto di Roma istitutivo della Corte Penale Internazionale Continua

Syria: Workshop on “A holistic approach to Transitional Justice and constitutional reform” Continua

Seminar on "A Year of Deception, Arbitrary Arrests and Enforced Disappearances in Saudi Arabia" Continua

Side event on “Enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention in Syria” Continua

Crisi siriana: quali le soluzioni politiche a partire dall’Italia e dall’Europa? Continua

Luncheon Meeting on Human rights, Cuba and the new agreement with the European Union Continua

Roundtable discussion with Saad Eddin Ibrahim on the future of Egypt Continua

Side event on "Forcible Transfer of Population in Syria" Continua

BanFGM: National Workshop in Burkina Faso to strengthen the capacity of the police and the judiciary in ensuring compliance with the law Continua

GAMCOTRAP and NPWJ promote a day-long awareness activity to strengthen the legal and political framework against FGM in The Gambia Continua

Workshop on “Civil Society role within the constitution-building process in Syria” Continua

Workshop on “Municipal administration and anti-corruption policies in Syria” Continua

BanFGM Campaign: NPWJ and its partners advocate at the African Union Continua

National Workshop in Ivory Coast to foster effective implementation of UN resolution banning Female Genital Mutilation Continua