High Level Meeting "Cairo Declaration on FGM +5", 13-15 December 2008

List of Participants

Ms Victorine Odounlami, Councillor of Social and Humanitarian Affairs, CI-AF Benin
Burkina Faso
H E Mrs Chantal Compaorè, First Lady of Burkina Faso
Mr Alfred Sanou, Member of the Parliament of Burkina Faso
Ms Marie-Rose Sawaogo, Permenant Secretary for the National Committee against FGM
Dr Dieneba Ouedraogo, Coordinator of CIFRA
Ms Valerie Zongo, Assistant to the First Lady, Presidency of Faso
Hon Hasna Houmed Bilil, Member of the Parliament of Djibouti
Hon Degmo Mohamed, Member of the Parliament, Secretary General of UNFD
Ms Ilwad Elmi, Djiboutian Parliament
Ms Tsegga Gaim, Head, Social Service and Rehabilitation Department, National Union of Eritrean Women
Dr Isatou Touray, Executive Director of the Gambian Committee on Traditional Practices 
Ms Maria Tackie, Director International Women’s Desk, Ministry for Women and Children's Affairs
Ms Patience Opoku, Ministry for Women and Children's Affairs
Ms Florence Ali, President of the Ghanaian Association for Women Welfare
Dr Koyagbe Kone, Coordination Unit on Traditional Practices and their affect on Women and Children
Ms Maria Domingas, President of IAC Guinea-Bissau
Hon Rozan Abdulkader Ahmad Dizayee, Member of the KNA, Iraq
Ivory Coast
Dr Jean Marie Angbomon, Ministry of the Family, Women and Social Affairs
Imam Djiguiba Abdallah Cissé
Hon Linah Kilimo, Member of Parliament of Kenya, Chairwoman of the Kenyan Women's Parliamentary Association
Dr Regina Karega, Chairperson of the National Commission on Gender and Development
Ms Faiza Mohamed, Africa Regional Office Director of Equality Now
Ms Jane Thuo, Coordinator of the Association of Media Women in Kenya
Hon Maiga Sina Damba, Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and the Family
Hon Oumar Mariko, Member of the Parliament of Mali
Ms Kadija Sidibé, President of the Malian Association for Traditional Practices
Ms Mariem Babasi Sy, President of the Mauritanian Association for the effect of Traditional Practices on Women and Children
Hon Awa Ndiaye, Minister of Families, National Solidarity, the Empowerment of Women and Micro-finance
Ms Ndèye Soukèye Gueye, Director of Families, Ministry of Families, National Solidarity, the Empowerment of Women and Micro-finance
Ms Molly Melching, Executive Director of TOSTAN
Sierra Leone
Hon Kandeh, Minister for Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs
Hon Alice Foyah, Member of the Parliament of Sierra Leone
Ms Laurel Bangura, Director of FGM-Sierra Leone
Ms Nahid Gabralla Siedahmed, Technical Advisor for the National Program of Abolition of FGM, National Council for Child Welfare
Dr Amna Abdel Rahman Hassan, Executive Director of the Sudan National Committee on Harmful Traditional Practices
Dr Emad Abdeen, President Entishar Charity Society
Hon Mémounatou Ibrahim, Minister of Social Action, the Promotion of Women, and the Protection of Children and the Elderly
Mr Enyonam Kpogo, Expert at the Ministry of Social Action, the Promotion of Women, and the Protection of Children and the Elderly
Hon Herbert Sabila, Member of the Parliament of Uganda, Parliamentary Forum for Food Security, Population and Development
Ms Beatrice Chelangat, Executive Director of REACH-Uganda
International Participants
Ms Linda Weil-Curiel, President for the Commission for the Abolition of FGM (CAMS)
Sen Emma Bonino, Vice President of the Italian Senate, Founder of No Peace Without Justice
Hon Giulia Bongiorno, Member of Parliament
Sen Francesca Maria Marinaro, Member Parliament
Ms Elisabetta Belloni, Director General of the Italian Cooperation
HE Amb Claudio Pacifico, Ambassador of Italy to Egypt
Mr Giogio Malfatti, Italian Cooperation
Mr Giovanni Di Vita, Italian Embassy in Cairo
Ms Maria Michela La Rocca, Italian Embassy in Cairo
Mr Nino Merola, Director of UTL in Cairo
Ms Ginevra Letizia, Italian Cooperation
Ms Maria Enrica Puoti, Italian Cooperation
Ms Shahrazad Al Asha, Anti-FGM-activist, Associazione Cesdi
Ms Elisabetta Antognoni, Cinemovel
Mr Ernesto Caffo, President Telefono Azzurro
Mr Nello Ferrieri, Cinemovel
Ms Filomena Gallo, President, Committee on Equal Opportunities, Province of Salerno
Ms Annamaria Giordano, AIDOS
Ms Marian Ismail, Province of Milan
Ms Oriana Leone, Donne in rete
Ms Cristina Mannini, Telefono Azzurro
Mr Guerrino Terrone, Assessor, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities, Province of Salerno
Ms Giovanna Truda, Member, Committee on Equal opportunities, Province of Salerno
HE Amb Marcin Rebalski, Head of the Economic Section at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo
HE Borut Mahnic, Ambassador at the Embassy of Slovenia in Cairo
Ms Carmen Romero, human rights activist
Ms Rashedeh Yusef, Cooperation Office at the Spanish Embassy in Cairo
United Kingdom
Ms Naana Otoo-Oyortey, Executive Director of FORWARD
Ms Nahid Toubia, Founder and CEO of Rainbo
International Organisations
Mr James Rawley, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt
Mr Klaus Ebermann, Head of European Commission Delegation in Egypt
Ms Mona Kemel, Arab League
Ms Marta Santos Pais, Director of the Innocenti Research Centre
Mr Ziad Rifai, Representative of UNFPA in Egypt
Ms Margaret Thuo, Gender Advisor of UNFPA in New York
Ms Emmanuel Mbi, Director at the World Bank
Ms Mariam Lamizana, President of Inter-African Committee
Ms Berhane Ras-Work, Executive Director of Inter-African Committee
Dr Morissanda Kouyaté, Head of Operations at Inter-African Committee
Ms Khady Koita, President of EuroNet-FGM
Egyptian Delegation
Ambassador Moushira Khattab, Secretary General, NCCM
Ambassador Hussein El Sadr, Senior Project Supervisor, NCCM
Dr Aziza Helmy, Council Advisor and Director of Children at Risk Programme, NCCM
Ms Mona Amin, General Coordinator of National Project for banning FGM, NCCM
Dr Vivian Fouad, NCCM
Dr Magdy Helmy, NCCM
No Peace Without Justice
Mr Gianfranco Dell’Alba, Secretary General
Ms Alvilda Jablonko, Coordinator of FGM Program
Ms Carla Caraccio
Ms Carmela Galeone
Ms Sabrina Gasparrini
Mr Nicola Giovannini
Ms Cristina Molinari
Ms Margherita Musella
Ms Giulia Schiavoni
Ms Alison Smith
Ms Kathryn Zealand