STOP FGM: Proposals for change

"Sala Marini" – Chamber of Deputies - Rome, 6 March 2001

 With the partecipation of former UE Commissioner, Emma Bonino, Giuliano Amato, Italian Prime minister, Maurizio Turco, president of the deputies of Lista Bonino MEP, Olaynka Koso-Thomas, Interafrican Vice president of the Committee against the harmful traditional praticals, Katia Bellillo, italian minister for the equal opportunity and Ugo Intini, italian vice-minister of foreign affairs.
The complete audio-video broadcast by Radio Radicale
Prime Minister Prof. Giuliano Amato addresses the conference
FIRST SESSION 9.30 am – 1.30 PM
“FGM can be abolished. Banning is not enough”
Reports and debate on the battle against mutilation in countries in which "traditional practices" are handed down from one generation to the next: the effects of banning FGM by law and the results of the concrete initiatives for the eradication of such practices.
Emma Bonino – Opening of proceedings
Daniela Colombo – President of Aidos - Introduction
Dr. Moustaph Touré – Gynaecologist and member of the AMSOPT (Mali Association for Monitoring and Orientation with regard to Traditional Practices).
Khadidja Sidibé Aoudou – President of the AMSOPT
Olayinka Koso-Thomas – Physician, President of the CIAF (Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices) for Sierra Leone
Mona El Tobgui – Paedo-psychiatrist – Head of a national research programme on children’s health, Egypt.
Abate Gudunffa – Ethiopian National Committee on Traditional Practices
Stefano Vella – Physician, President of the International AIDS Society
Leyla Sheik – Director of Tamwa (Tanzania Media Women’s Association)
Fatou Waggeh, Director of Bafrow (Banjul Foundation for Research on Women’s Health), Gambia
Amna Badri, Babiker Badri Association for Women Study, Sudan
Anne S. Idissu – Film-maker, Tamwa
SECOND SESSION 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm
“We must grant asylum. Reproach is not enough”
Information and debate on the proposal made by the Radical Party in the European Parliament (the recognition of FGM as sufficient motive to grant asylum in the EU countries) and on the initiatives that have already been launched and can be launched in the future in Europe, addressed to the European Community itself and to the countries in which FGM is practised.
Maurizio Turco – President of the "Lista Bonino" members of the European Parliament - Introduction
Ugo Intini – Undersecretary fo Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Cheikh Saad Bouh Kamara - Lawyer – Vice-President of the FIDH (Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme)
Nerina Boschiero Professor of International Law, University of Verona
Kady Koita - Educator – President of the Network for the Prevention of FGM in Europe
Angela Spinelli – Physician – World Health Organization
Maryan Ismail – President of the "Association of Somalian Mothers and Children", Milan
Contributions from NGOs and invitees
Emma Bonino - Conclusions