"Beyond Covid-19: Lockdown on women's rights?"

Live stream on Friday 17 April 2020, at 19.00 GMT+1 (Brussels time).

In this particular time, everyone’s eyes are on the COVID-19 emergency – rightfully so. The emergency presents us with new challenges, which have a deep impact on global politics and society. While our daily lives may feel like they are somewhat "on hold", human rights violations have not been suspended:  on the contrary, they may even intensify due to the implications of this pandemic. 
Therefore, we decided to organise a weekly panel discussion to not forget about important human rights issues, bringing them directly to peoples' houses through easily accessible social media.  

This week's broadcast will be : "Beyond COVID-19: Lockdown on women's rights? ". Women's rights are at risk, now more than ever, during this emergency: domestic violence, access to healthcare and reproductive rights, labour rights are just some examples of how this pandemic is causing a dangerous backlash. 

This episode will feature:
- Leyla Hussein, psychotherapist - Magool organisation, UK;
- Natalia García Caballos, feminist activist of Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos Andalucía, Spain;
- Isabella Mancini, deputy director of Nosotras organisation, Italy;
- Chair: Emanuela Zuccalà, journalist, writer and filmmaker

The live stream is on Friday 17 April 2020, at 19.00 GMT+1 (Brussels time). 

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