Campaign against silencing dissent and impunity for human rights violations in the Gulf Region

At a time of global attention on the Gulf Region and the catastrophic conflict and humanitarian situation in Yemen, this campaign aims at promoting human rights compliance and accountability in challenging times.
In this framework, since the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, NPWJ has been supporting the awareness campaign called “Justice for Jamal” launched by his fiancée Hatice Cengiz to keep the international community's attention high, to obtain truth and justice about the circumstances surrounding his killing and to identify and hold accountable moral and material perpetrators.
NPWJ believes that this scandalous murder - which was an affront to freedom of speech and human dignity - is not an isolated case but is part of a model of widespread repression against important human rights defenders and activists, women, lawyers, journalists, writers and bloggers that has intensified since Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman came to power in June 2017. The murder dramatically demonstrates that the Saudi regime’s ambitious claims of reform are pure rhetoric and part of a smokescreen strategy used to cover the real face of an escalating and systematic campaign of repression to silence independent, dissenting or even dissonant voices by all means deemed necessary.
In the framework of this campaign, priority is also given to address accountability for crimes committed in Yemen by the military coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This means enacting specific actions and measures, such as: banning exports of weapons any military equipment to the parties involved in the conflict; ensuring accountability for KSA and UAE’s war crimes in front of the International Criminal Court, as well as through other EU Mechanisms (via the new EU Global Human Rights Sanction Regime) which includes implementing targeted sanctions, travel bans and asset freezes for individuals, on officials of all parties to the conflict involved in grave human rights violations; supporting the gathering of evidence of such alleged crimes and atrocities with a view to using them in future prosecutions, and to consider the establishment of an independent commission to oversee this process; providing support to victims and their families to ensure their right to justice and redress.
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