"Amazonia Beyond the Crisis" Series

In the last few decades, the level of deterioration and destruction of the environment has dramatically increased because of the human desire to appropriate the wealth of resources in our environment. Amazonia is an example of one of those areas severely affected by human greediness and its short-run sight in not considering too well what kind of consequences could arise from these practices. As a result, indigenous peoples, local communities and their uniquely biodiverse ecosystems are facing increasing threats - their environment is being depredated and destroyed at the hands of humans and their unsustainable activities. Furthermore, science has shown that the Amazon Forest is moving toward a dieback scenario, underlying how entire ecosystems could collapse in a vicious cycle of degradation and fragmentation if deforestation continues to expand. The increment in the deforestation rate has led to substantial human and environmental consequences, including the further restriction of indigenous peoples' rights, thus leading to much more conflict and violence.  
However, there is still hope and we are not here to dwell on the negative. Instead, we are here to explore the complexities and multiple layers of this issue. From this standpoint and exercising an environmental and human rights perspective, NPWJ seeks to raise awareness on issues affecting Amazonia, its ecosystems and its people through the "Amazonia Beyond the Crisis" series. Our series consists of ten short episodes, each taking a multi-disciplinary approach to examining the causes, actors, mechanisms, and potential solutions to the problems the Amazon rainforest is facing. We will explore this issue's historical, geographical, geological, social, and juridical aspects, so we can collectively reflect on the challenges we are facing.  
But this isn't just a documentary series; it's an advocacy tool. How can we join forces in protecting the environment and in fighting against climate change and deforestation? What role do different mechanisms of justice and accountability play in these efforts? These are some of the questions we will be exploring. We invite you to join the conversation and watch the episodes listed below!

List of episodes