Transitional Justice: NPWJ expands its civil society work to the South of Libya

Tripoli, 16-17 November 2012

On 16 and 17 November, No Peace Without Justice convened a regional strategy meeting together with the representatives of civil society groups from the southern Libyan city of Sabha for a two-day workshop. The participants represented 10 different organisations from Sabha who focus on a wide range of issues, including women, youth, children, and cultural and academic groups.
The meeting was an occasion to expand the range of Libyan organisations working on transitional justice issues towards the south of the country and to include southern civil society organisations in the work on transitional justice being carried out by NPWJ in Libya. Amel Ouahchi, judge and the rapporteur-general of the Tunisian National Fact-Finding Commission on Abuses Committed during Recent Events participated in the event and served as a trainer and moderator for the strategy meeting. The meeting was divided into three training sessions and a concluding strategy session, in which the participants expressed their intention of continuing to collaborating in work on transitional justice and highlighted the necessity to include more organisations from other cities. The meeting was also an occasion to involve participants in the development of a Transitional Justice brochure, undertaken by the NPWJ together with groups from Benghazi and Tripoli, in order for the brochure to include the positions and perspectives of a broad range of Libyan organisations.

NPWJ is engaging civil society in Libya, from across the country, partnering with a wide range of organisations. An informal Steering Committee, comprised of a diverse range of Libyan civil society, including NGOs, academics, lawyers and media, public authorities and opinion-leaders has been created On 24-25 April 2012, an inaugural meeting took place in Tripoli. The role of the informal Steering Committee is to bring their members and constituencies into the work on transitional justice in Libya and to ensure that the project develops in a way that is beneficial and appropriate for the Libyan context.
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