Never Again. Female Genital Mutilation – a Question of Human Rights

Salerno, 10 December 2007


On 10 December 2007, at 11.00 a.m. the publication “Never Again. Female Genital Mutilation: A question of human rights” will be presented at the Palace of the Province of Salerno (Via Roma 104). This publication is based on the initiative of the Province of Salerno under the framework of the activities of the Commission for Gender Equality, following the entry into force of the Law No. 7/2006 aiming at fighting and preventing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The publication elaborated on collaboration with the association “No Peace Without Justice”, which has been leading initiatives to stamp out cut out this traditional practice at a national and international level. It aims to inform inhabitants of the Province, immigrants, social health workers and representatives of the institutions on various aspects related to FGM, as well as on the European and African legislative efforts against harmful traditional practices. 


Participants will include the President of the Province of Salerno Dr Angelo Villano, Councillor for Social Policies and Equal Opportunities Dr Guerrino Terrone, The President of the Provincial Commission for Equal Opportunities Dr Filomena Gallo, Antonella Dentamaro, the Coordinator of the FGM activities at No Peace Without Justice and Aurelio Candido, the communication expert who undertook the graphic design for the publication. 

For further information, contact No Peace Without Justice on or 06-68803791