Book Launch «Mutilée - the cry of an excised woman»

With the author Khady Koita - Brussels, 7 December 2005

Emma Bonino,  Member of the European parliament and Former European Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs, presented  at the No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) office in Brussels, the Biographical Book “Mutilée – the Cry of an excised woman” by Khady Koita, president of the European Network against Female Genital Mutilation.

This event took place under the framework of the NPWJ campaign against Female Genital Mutilation and for the ratification of the Maputo Protocol on Women’s rights in Africa. The campaign, launched in 2004, is aimed mainly at  promoting the legal, social and cultural instruments to support the abandonment of this practice in the countries where it is still ongoing. The campaign also works through  the ratification of the Maputo Protocol - that entered into force on 25 November - and its implementation in the national legislation, by the maximum number of states possible in the African Union.