Events & activities

INPT International Colloquium: “Monitoring of detention conditions of people in vulnerable situation” Read More

Luci oltre le sbarre. Carceri tra Italia e Libano Read More

Support to the efforts of Libya to fulfill its HR reporting obligations Read More

Workshop on “the guarantees of fair trial and mechanisms for access to justice for the most vulnerable groups in the Libyan legal system” Read More

Training workshops on HR basics for NCCLHR staff in Libya Read More

Validation workshop on study assessing “Guarantees of the right to a fair trial and mechanisms of access to justice in the Libyan legal system” Read More

Workshop on improving the NCCLHR capacities and efficiency in protecting human rights in Libya Read More

Consultative meeting with the Attorney General of the Benghazi branch on the identification of training needs and design of training programs Read More

Workshop on “The Role of Libyan CSOs in Following up on the Implementation of the UPR Recommendations” Read More

Workshop on “International Charter-based human rights mechanisms” Read More

"Strengthening Accountability Globally. Concrete steps to bolster the international justice ecosystem" Read More

"Justice for the Rohingya: Paths Forward" Read More

”Global crisis and the potential of the ICC: relevance of ecocide as the fifth crime” Read More

“Women’s Strength” Read More

"Make Community PACTs. Contro ogni violenza di genere per costruire un futuro di diritti" Read More

International colloquium: “The Problem of impunity. Causes, manifestations and solutions” Read More

"Diritti, giustizia e bisogni nelle carceri libanesi" Read More

"Behind bars: when the law is turned into repression. The cases of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates" Read More

Workshop a Napoli: Le mutilazioni genitali femminili e la procedura di protezione internazionale. Conoscere il fenomeno per fornire il supporto adeguato a donne e minori straniere Read More

Roundtable "GIRLS’ RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS: towards girls’ autonomy and self-determination worldwide" Read More