Justice Rapid Response

From 2006 until February 2011, No Peace Without Justice provided interim secretariat support for the Justice Rapid Response (JRR) mechanism. On 1 April 2011, the Justice Rapid Response announced the commencement of a strategic and business review process to determine the optimum organizational and operational structure for JRR to meet evolving demand as an intergovernmental entity.
NPWJ thanks the JRR Coordinating Group and all JRR participants for their work in bringing JRR to this stage. NPWJ is honoured to have had the opportunity to serve as JRR Secretariat during its conceptual development and initial operational stage and looks forward to the continued growth of JRR and to providing what assistance it can in the future.
Justice Rapid Response (JRR) is a multilateral stand-by facility that can rapidly deploy active-duty criminal justice and related professionals in situations where human rights or international criminal law violations may have occurred. JRR maintains a roster of experts who are recruited from participating States and organisations and trained specifically for international investigations. JRR can deploy in response to requests by States and international institutions with appropriate jurisdiction. JRR experts can deploy quickly to identify, collect and preserve especially the most perishable information, analyse the information and report back to the requesting authority with recommendations as to the most appropriate justice remedies under the circumstance. The specific functions carried in this context may include: pattern of violence, initial fact-finding investigations and conflict mapping; forensic mapping; documentary evidence investigation; visual image collection; identification of potential witnesses; and identification of potential crime scenes.
Please visit the JRR website (link to www.justicerapidresponse.org) for more information.
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