16 Aug 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI rights


Christine Hallquist on Her Primary Victory: ‘It Gives the Transgender Community Hope’
The New York Times, 15 Aug 2018

Christine Hallquist, the former chief executive of an electric utility company, made history on Tuesday when she beat three other candidates in Vermont’s Democratic primary to become the first transgender person to be nominated for a governorship by a major party. Ms. Hallquist, 62, was well-known in Vermont before she ran for office, in part because of her gender transition in 2015, which happened while she ran the Vermont Electric Cooperative and which was featured in a documentary film made by her son.

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Malaysia: Convictions of two women sentenced to caning for having sexual relations must be quashed
Amnesty International , 15 Aug 2018

Responding to yesterday’s sentencing of two women to six strokes of caning and a fine of RM 3,300 after they were convicted of attempting to have sexual relations in Terengganu state, Gwen Lee, Amnesty International Malaysia’s Interim Executive Director said:“This deeply cruel sentence marks yet another severe setback in Malaysia’s treatment of LGBTI people, which is increasingly troubling.“Across the country, LGBTI people are facing a climate of growing discrimination and persecution. Rulings such as this only affirm that Malaysia is becoming a more hostile place for its LGBTI population.

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Denmark LGBTQ Groups to Boycott U.S. Embassy Pride Event Over Trump
The Advocate, 10 Aug 2018

Organizers from Copenhagen Pride and LGBT Denmark plan to boycott a Pride reception hosted by the U.S. ambassador to express their discontent with how the Trump administration has handled LGBTQ rights, reports Out & About. Trump recently replaced Rufus Gifford, a married gay man, with private equity firm chair Carla Sands as the ambassador to Denmark. Gifford had a television show, I Am The Ambassador, which prominently featured his husband Stephen, who he married in Denmark in 2015."It would sound pretty hollow if on the one side you criticize the Trump administration for their reluctance to accommodate LGBT people and the rolling back of LGBT-inclusive legislation, and at the same time stand around drinking champagne with the ambassador who represents that administration", Thomas Rusmussen of Copenhagen Pride told Out & About.

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Scotland’s only openly-trans councillor quits frontline politics after ‘abuse’
Knutsford Guardian, 10 Aug 2018

Scotland’s only openly-trans councillor is quitting frontline politics after a “vicious and sustained string of abuse”. Dundee councillor Gregor Murray said the decision was made for the good of the city’s SNP-led administration and their mental wellbeing. In a letter to leader of the local authority John Alexander – which was posted on social media – they explained why they were standing down from position as convenor of the Children and Families Service Committee and as spokesperson for Equal Opportunities.

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