21 Jun 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on on LGBTI rights


Ukraine: "March of equality" in Kyiv is a new human rights triumph
by Amnesty International, 21 Jun 2018

This year’s Kyiv Pride demonstration, which brought together thousands of people in a display of solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community in Ukraine, is a significant human rights achievement for the country, Amnesty International said today.
“In a country where homophobic attitudes are still strong, and where LGBTI rights activists face growing intimidation, harassment and violence from far-right groups, the Kyiv Pride demonstration was a genuine achievement and celebration of national significance,” said Amnesty International Ukraine's Director Oksana Pokalchuk.

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Three LGBTI activists killed in Mexico
by Washington Blade, 21 Jun 2018

Three well-known LGBTI rights advocates in the Mexican state of Guerrero were killed over the weekend.
Authorities on Sunday found the bodies of Rubén Estrada, Roberto Vega and Carlos Uriel López in Taxco, a city between the state capital of Chilpancingo and Mexico City that is popular with tourists.
Estrada, 35, was the main organizer of Taxco’s annual Pride march and a local gay beauty contest. Vega and López, who was his partner, were also activists.

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Russian authorities close LGBTI safe space at World Cup, force it to move
by Gaystar News, 21 Jun 2018

The organizers of Diversity House, a safe space for LGBTI fans during the World Cup, say a ‘political attack’ forced the closure of its location in St Petersburg.
Just days before the House’s opening, the building’s landlords refused to hand over the keys. They had withdrawn permission for it to operate there.
The Fare Network – which fights discrimination in soccer – planned to open two locations during Russia’s World Cup. The other House is now open in Moscow.

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This is the threat Trump poses to LGBTI people seeking asylum from dangerous countries
by Gaystar News, 21 Jun 2018

In the midst of the United States’ immigration crisis, the Human Rights Campaign released a video for World Refugee Day highlighting the importance of asylum for LGBTI people.
‘The country where I belong, being gay is a crime,’ Robel Hailu says. ‘So I have to flee from my country.’
Hailu is from Ethiopia, where being part of the LGBTI community is a crime worthy of imprisonment. He was one of the first people from the country to publicly address his sexuality.

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State to apologise to gay men convicted before decriminalisation of homosexuality
by Newstalk, 19 Jun 2018

The Government [of the Republic of Ireland] will apologise to gay people who were convicted because of their sexuality before decriminalisation.
An all-party motion will acknowledge the hurt and harm the law prior to 1993 caused to gay people, their family and friends.
The Dáil will acknowledge that the laws repealed "were improperly discriminatory, contrary to human dignity and an infringement of personal privacy and autonomy; caused multiple harms to those directly and indirectly affected, namely men who engaged in consensual same-sex activities and their families and friends" and "had a significant chilling effect on progress towards equality for the LGBTI community, acknowledging in particular the legacy of HIV/AIDS within the context of criminalisation".

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