28 March 2023 - News Digest on FGM and Women's Rights


Western Balkans discuss transformative financing for gender equality at regional conference
UN Women, 27 Mar 2023

Representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia met at the regional conference “Transformative Financing as an Accelerator for Gender Equality" held in Istanbul on November 2022 to discuss key achievements and policy makers’ perspectives on gender responsive budgeting (GRB) as well as strategies to further advance this practice. Organized by UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (ECA RO), the two-day conference brought together high-level government officials and practitioners from Ministries of Finances, line ministries, national gender mechanisms, local government representatives, Supreme Audit Institutions, civil society organizations and the media.

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“One society, free from violence”: Training providers on caring for survivors of sexual violence in Palestine
ReliefWeb, 27 Mar 2023

In Palestine research suggests that traditional patriarchal attitudes have combined with the effects of the Israeli occupation to create an enabling environment for oppression against women and girls. Survivors of gender-based violence need access to safe, high-quality health care and psychosocial support. But Palestine's health care system has been severely weakened by the Israeli occupation, and social norms there often pressure women to keep gender-based violence a secret. Stigma also surrounds mental health services. Amid these challenges, UNFPA and Palestine's Ministry of Health launched a new programme to educate midwives, obstetricians, doctors, and others on how to care for patients who have experienced sexual violence.

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Spain might introduce a cabinet gender equality law. What would that mean?
World Economic Forum, 27 Mar 2023

The Spanish government has approved a draft Equal Representation Law that would require men and women each to hold at least 40% of cabinet roles. It will take another 155 years to reach gender parity in political empowerment, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap. Diversity leads to better decision-making – which is needed now more than ever, says Frances Scott, the founder of UK campaign 50:50 Parliament.

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Excision In Africa: When Men Also Want To Put An End To Female Genital Mutilation
The Globe Echo, 27 Mar 2023

Social worker Babacar Sy has been working with young people on sexual and reproductive health issues for fifteen years, informing, explaining, supporting boys and girls so that they understand what exactly is meant when we talk about “harmful practices”. But also so that they come into full possession of their bodies at the dawn of adulthood. Let a space be opened for “questioning toxic social norms. While acts of mutilation persist almost everywhere on the continent, the majority of men are opposed to them. But resistance is tenacious and economic crises, political instability, conflicts, population displacements, pandemics that destabilize social structures and health relays hamper advocacy actions.

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FAO engages with Pan-African Parliament for gender equality
The Patriotic Vanguard, 27 Mar 2023

On 13 March 2023, FAO’s Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division, Regional Office for Africa, and Development Law Service addressed the Gender Committee of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) to highlight key legal challenges to gender equality in agrifood systems and provide recommendations for the development of a new model law. Proposal of a model law on gender equality in agrifood systems comes as part of an ongoing collaboration between FAO and PAP to develop regional framework laws to improve food security and nutrition in Africa. FAO and PAP have had a Memorandum of Understanding in place since 2016 under the oversight of the FAO Partnerships and UN Collaboration Division.

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Sports play a vital role in promoting gender equality, says Olympic medallist, basketball star and IOC Member​,​ Pau Gasol
International Olympic Committee, 27 Mar 2023

Sport reflects society. But it can also lead, setting a powerful and very visible example for behaviours, standards and values. As Gender Equality month wraps up, Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol reflects on the ability of sport to promote equality, break stereotypes and help girls pursue their dreams and goals. 

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