Eventi e attività

Side-event on "Ecocide: From Amazonia to Oceania to the Hague. Bringing voices together towards a common goal" Continua

Colloquium on the impact of illicit trade on Human Rights: the case of Syria Continua

Side-event on "What is ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s legacy?" Continua

Wokshop on "Towards the Libyan Ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture" Continua

“Spose Bambine: Indagine sui matrimoni minorili in Italia” - Conferenza stampa su iniziativa della Sen. Emma Bonino Continua

Side-event on “Justice for the Rohingya Continua

"Con le donne afghane, contro ogni violenza nel mondo" Continua

"Addressing Deforestation in Amazonia. A Land Rights and Women's Perspective" Continua

Workshop "Envisioning International Justice: what role for the International Criminal Court?" Continua

Workshop on « International law and management of toxic or hazardous waste: international standards and safety requirements » Continua

Workshop for Libyan CSOs on parallel reporting for the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (CESCR) Continua

DROIT roundtables: Improving the penitentiary system and enhance respect of prisoners' rights in Lebanon" Continua

Conference on “Afghanistan: protecting women and defending human rights” Continua

Workshop to enhance Libyan authorities' capacity to report to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Continua

Libya: workshop to support national authorities' efforts to respect and promote rights of persons with disabilities Continua

Virtual Roundtable on "Feminising The Libyan Peacebuilding Process" Continua

Virtual Roundtable on "Conflictual Legacy of Palestinian Women" Continua

The Role of Women’s Civil Society Organisations in Combatting GBV among Syrian Refugee Communities Continua

NPWJ supports active cooperation of Libyan CSOs with UN Human Rights Bodies Continua

"Empowering Syrian Refugee Women and Girls" Continua