10 November 2022 – Environmental Justice & Human Rights

10 Nov, 2022 | News Digests

Heatwaves, spread of infectious diseases due to climate change growing health threats to Europeans

European Environmental Agency , 09 Nov 2022

While the need to address the impacts of climate change on human health is increasingly recognised, the time is now to move from planning to action and to improve awareness among public health and healthcare practitioners to make Europe’s population more resilient, according to the EEA report ‘Climate change as a threat to health and well-being in Europe: focus on heat and infectious diseases.’

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Climate-Induced Drought Endangering Children’s Lives In Somalia

Forbes, 09 Nov 2022

Severe drought caused by four consecutive failed rainy seasons has plunged the Horn of Africa into crisis, killing livestock, destroying livelihoods and pushing increasingly desperate families out of their homes in search of water, nutrition and shelter. Mothers walk for days with their malnourished children in their arms, hoping to reach a health center before it’s too late. 

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Climate crisis will harm world’s most vulnerable people first and foremost

Egypt Independent, 09 Nov 2022

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said the climate crisis will harm the world’s most vulnerable people first and foremost, highlighting the urgent need to enhance disaster risk reduction through early warning mechanisms; using trained manpower, resource mobilization, capacity building, technical assistance, and national financial support. 

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COP 27 Developing countries need $1 trillion a year in climate finance -report

Reuters, 08 Nov 2022

Developing countries need to work with investors, rich countries and development banks to secure $1 trillion a year in external financing for climate action by the end of the decade and to match that with their own funds, a report said on Tuesday. The report, released ahead of talks on climate change finance at the COP27 summit in Egypt, said the funding was required to cut emissions, boost resilience, deal with damage from climate change and restore nature and land. 

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After Decades of Resistance, Rich Countries Offer Direct Climate Aid

The New York Times, 08 Nov 2022

For 30 years, developing nations have been calling for industrialized countries to provide compensation for the costs of devastating storms and droughts caused by climate change. For just as long, rich nations that have generated the pollution that is dangerously heating the planet have resisted those calls. At the United Nations climate summit last year, only Scotland, the host country, committed $2.2 million for what’s known as “loss and damage.” But this week, the dam may have begun to break. 

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Climate change is already killing us, but strong action now can prevent more deaths

WHO, 07 Nov 2022

Climate change and the crises it has triggered have long been clear health emergencies. WHO and partners have long sounded the alarm, but action has been dangerously inconsistent and far too slow. In the WHO European Region, just this past summer, we witnessed an escalation of heatwaves, droughts and wildfires, all of which have impacted the health of our people. 

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UN weather report: Climate woes bad and getting worse faster

The Washington Post, 06 Nov 2022

Earth’s warming weather and rising seas are getting worse and doing so faster than before, the World Meteorological Organization warned Sunday in a somber note as world leaders started gathering for international climate negotiations. 

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