19 June 2024 – International Criminal Justice

19 Jun, 2024 | News Digests


Why wasn’t Mohammed bin Salman at the G7?
HuffPost– 14 June
No Peace Without Justice has filed a criminal complaint and a request for arrest with the Rome Prosecutor’s Office against the Saudi crown prince for his alleged involvement in the torture and murder of Khashoggi.

Rally in Buenos Aires to demand release of activists detained in recent protests
AP News- 19 June
Relatives of detainees and human rights organizations protested Tuesday to demand the release of 16 people detained during a protest a week ago in front of Congress against a package of economic proposals by right-wing Argentine president Javier Milei. Although the protest last Wednesday was not the first with riots against Milei’s government, it is the first time the justice system is charging protesters.

Niger’s ousted president loses immunity, say lawyers
Reuters– 14 June
Niger’s ousted President Mohamed Bazoum has been stripped of his immunity by the State Court of Niamey, a move that signals the ruling junta will launch criminal proceedings against him, his lawyers said on Friday.

Israel, Hamas accused of war crimes in new UN report
BBC– 7 June
Israel and Hamas have been accused of committing a litany of war crimes and human rights abuses since 7 October in a new independent report to the UN Human Rights Council.