2 July 2024 – FGM & Women’s Rights

2 Jul, 2024 | News Digests


What to expect as Taliban joins third UN-held talks on Afghanistan in Qatar
Al Jazeera- 1 July 2024
It is the first time the Taliban is attending the talks but female representatives from Afghanistan have been excluded.

Afghan women cricketers ask for international support for a refugee team
Reuters- 2 July 2024
A group of Afghan women’s cricketers has again approached the sport’s international governing body asking for backing to reform as a refugee team based in Australia.

UN Human Rights Chief Warns of Global Pushback Against Women’s Rights
World Echo News- 28 June 2024
Amid increasing global attacks on women’s and gender rights, the United Nations has become a pivotal battleground for debates over their definition and protection.

Study shows incarcerated women experience different conditions than men
NPR- 27 June 2024
One in three convicted women are held in jail rather than prison, compared to about 1 in 10 of all convicted people. But compared to prisons, jails tend to have fewer resources and support systems.