9 July 2024- FGM & Women’s Rights

9 Jul, 2024 | News Digests

Gambia lawmakers back recommendations to maintain FGM ban
Reuters, 8 July 2024

Gambian lawmakers adopted recommendations on Monday for the country to maintain its ban on female genital mutilation ahead of a vote later this month on whether to decriminalise the practice.

Sierra Leone has banned child marriage – to truly set women free it must end FGM
The Guardian, 5 July 2024

Marrying young girls may now be illegal, but lawmakers seem reluctant to put a stop to genital cutting, and the two go hand in hand.

Iran’s new president gives hope to some women and younger voters
BBC, 6 July 2024

A relatively moderate member of the Iranian parliament, Masoud Pezeshkian, has been declared the next president of Iran after beating his hardline conservative rival by a decisive margin in Friday’s run-off presidential elections.

Afghanistan dispatch: salaries of women professors and government employees reduced to discourage them from working
Jurist, 5 July 2024

A government decree was recently published aimed at reducing the salaries of women professors and other government employees to 5000 AFG, or ~70$. In Kabul, protests against the decree reportedly took place in many schools, but they were suppressed by the Talibans.

Talks with the Taliban – no women allowed
BBC, 2 July 2024

During the third round of United Nations-sponsored talks on integrating the South Asian country into the international community, no women from Afghanistan were included, prompting criticism from rights groups and activists.