18 June 2024 – FGM & Women’s Rights

18 Jun, 2024 | News Digests


Brazil women march against bill tightening abortion ban
Reuters, 16 June 24
Thousands of women protested on Saturday against a bill advancing in Brazil’s conservative Congress that would equate abortions after 22 weeks of pregnancy to homicide and establish sentences of six to 20 years in prison.

Global efforts to end female genital mutilation undermined by ‘vacation cutting’
UN News, 14 June 24
The global fight to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) is being undermined by the movement of some girls across national borders and beyond to undergo the procedure, the UN human rights office (OHCHR) warned in a new report published on Friday.

‘Nobody is coming to help us’: Afghan teenage girls on life without school
The Guardian, 14 June 24
Barred from school for 1,000 days, girls in Afghanistan face forced marriage, violence and isolation with no end in sight

Finland plans to remove statute of limitations on manslaughter, introduce FGM legislation
Yle, 13 June 24
The proposal would equate manslaughter to homicide, introduce a separate law for FGM and infanticide.

The emotional cost of combating gender-based violence on the front line in Ukraine
UNFPA, 13 June 24
Since the start of the full-scale invasion by Russia in February 2022, reports of multiple forms of violence have spiked in ukraine, including conflict-related sexual violence, exploitation and trafficking