Annual International Conference on “The Future of Human Rights”

16 Giu, 2022 | Comunicati Stampa

European Parliament, Brussels, 16-17 June 2022

On 16-17 June 2022, the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) is holding a joint conference with Fight Impunity and No Peace without Justice, to shed light of abuses against human rights, to foster a better-informed public debate on the subject, and to help generate a stronger commitment to prioritise it with resources internationally.

The conference will bring together representatives from European Union and United Nations, international experts, academics, civil-society representatives, and actors engaged in the process of defending human rights and fighting against impunity worldwide. The protection of human rights and the fight against impunity are today, more than ever, a very major pressing global challenge and one that needs to be highlighted and addressed with urgency. In recent months, we have seen a very significant growth in grave human rights violations of various kinds, and the purpose of this conference will be to shed light on such abuse, to foster a better-informed public debate on this subject, and to help generate a greater commitment to prioritise it with appropriate resources internationally.

Please, register here to attend the conference (before June 11th at 6:00 pm):

You can also attend this event online on Interactio, with no need for registration. Please click on the following link: (only active on the days of the conference).


  • Program of the Conference
  • Date and time: 16 June, 14:00-18:00 / 17 June, 09:30-18:00
  • Venue: Library Reading Room, Spinelli 5th floor D, European Parliament, Brussels