Workshop on “International Charter-based human rights mechanisms”

21 Feb, 2023 | Comunicati Stampa

Djerba (Tunisia), 21-23 February 2023

In the framework of EU-funded ADALIT-Libya project, from 21 to 23 February, in Djerba (Tunisia), No Peace Without Justice is organising a training workshop on “International Charter-based human rights mechanisms”, which aims to gather a group of 25 to 30 representatives of Libyan CSOs selected by their involvement in the defence and protection of human rights in the country. The workshop is part of a large program being implemented by NPWJ and financially supported by the EU Delegation in Libya.

The main purpose of this workshop consists in the improvement of the knowledge of the UN Charted-based mechanisms (mandates, functions, etc.) among Libyan CSO’s members and HR defenders and the improvement of their capacities and skills in order to interact and collaborate with those mechanisms, for a wider effectiveness in protecting and promoting human rights in Libya.

Throughout the working sessions, the participants will achieve a deeper understanding of international HR mechanisms and of the main HR special procedures in the international field, while also learning to collaborate with HRC mechanisms with more efficiency.
During this workshop topics related to the context of HR international mechanisms will be examined, as well as the Charter-based mechanisms for the protection of human rights and the complaint procedures, several methods and main areas of collaboration between the Libyan CSOs and the mandate-holders (national and regional consultations, country visits, individual complaints and communications, etc.).

For further information, please contact: Frej Fenniche: (English, French, العربية)