Human Rights Council / Justice in Tunisia: Statement delivered by Safoura Tork Ladani on behalf of No Peace Without Justice

25 Jun, 2024 | Press Releases

United Nations, HRC, 56th Session, Geneva, 25 June 2024


Human Rights Council – 56th Regular Session
Item 3: Interactive dialogue on the report of the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers
25 June 2024

Delivered by Safoura Tork Ladani on behalf of Non c’è Pace Senza Giustizia / No Peace Without Justice

“Madame Special Rapporteur,

No Peace Without Justice expresses its deep concern regarding the situation of freedoms and human rights in Tunisia, particularly the infringements on the independence of the judiciary.
Indeed, since the activation of the state of emergency in July 2021, Tunisia has been experiencing blatant interference by the Executive in the administration of justice, as you have well mentioned in your recent report and in several of your communications.

The High Judicial Council was dissolved by the President of the Republic and replaced by a provisional council whose independence is not guaranteed. The Constitutional Court has still not been established, even though presidential elections are scheduled for October 2024.

The 57 judges dismissed in June 2022 are still unemployed despite an administrative court ruling in favor of their reinstatement.

Victims of Decree-Law 54 of 2022, which has been criticized by the Tunisian Human Rights League, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2015, judges and lawyers, political party leaders, associative actors, and academics are being dragged before civilian and military courts in endless and guarantee-less trials for having peacefully expressed critical opinions towards the authorities.

Madame Special Rapporteur, what measures do you intend to take to support judges and lawyers in their struggle for the independence of the judiciary?

Thank you, Mr. President.”