Libya: NPWJ provides Capacity-Building Training on Transitional Justice and Human Rights

28 May, 2013 | Press Releases

Tripoli, Libya, 28 May 2013

On 28 May 2013, NPWJ held in Tripoli a capacity building workshop on Transitional Justice and Human Rights for Libyan civil society organisations (CSOs). Participants to the workshop included representatives from The Right Way for Human Rights, Fighting Corruption and Protecting the Revolution, and Eve’s Daughters for Research and Studies. The workshop was conducted by Stefano Moschini, NPWJ’s Libya Program Coordinator, and guest speaker Rhiannon Smith.

The aim of the workshop was to build and reinforce capacity of participating organisations to play their role in incorporating accountability, human rights and the rule of law in the democracy transition and post-conflict reconstruction of their country. The workshop provided basic information on core principles of Transitional Justice and Human Rights, and examined a number of practical issues, including on outreach and documentation, that the Libyan human rights community and society will face in respect of accountability, redress and transitional justice.

Specific attention was also dedicated to practicing techniques aimed at extending and reinforcing CSO strategic planning and advocacy skills, which would allow to increase their sustainability as organisations as well as improve their capacity to reach their target audiences, attract public attention and to communicate effectively with the public or decision-makers.

The workshop was part of capacity building program of Lybian civil society groups, human rights and democracy activists to promote a culture of accountability which incorporates transitional justice principles that can help restore trust in the institutions, offer redress, while promoting diversity, pluralism and the rule of law. To that end, NPWJ is working together with Libyan civil society and human rights activists’ to build their knowledge and capacity in addressing transitional justice and to work on accountability processes.

NPWJ in Libya
NPWJ has been working on the Libyan transition since early 2011, in the framework of its project to support Libya’s democratic transition through justice and accountability. As the country embarks on legislative reforms, the Libyan authorities can break with the legacy of impunity and abuses that typified Gaddafi’s rule with a new respect for the rule of law and a commitment to restoring justice and dignity to victims. Doing so requires not only the investigation and prosecution of the crimes and violence perpetrated during the revolution, but also efforts to confront a history of oppression and human rights abuses that dates back decades under the rule of the former regime.

For further information on the activities of NPWJ in Libya please contact Stefano Moschini, Libya Program Coordinator, at or +218917450375.