Libya: NPWJ supports joint statement by local NGOs calling for a peaceful transition in the anniversary of the revolution

11 Feb, 2013 | Press Releases

Benghazi, Misurata, Sabha, Tripoli, Zawia, 11 February 2013

“As members and representatives of the following Libyan civil society organizations located in different places of Libya, united by our joint interest in taking part to the transitional justice process, and having in common the values of peace and dialogue, we call all sectors of Libyan society to a peaceful and non-violent commemoration of the two years anniversary from the beginning of the revolution.

Having engaged ourselves in this challenging process of transitional justice, we are fully aware of the importance of the historical moment that Libya is facing, and we are determined to achieve the common objective of accountability, to eventually reach a longstanding peace and reconciliation in the country, despite all problems that we might face.

Being aware that the ends cannot justify any wrong means, but that good and peaceful means prefigure right ends, we call all individuals, institutions, organizations, and any other actor involved in this important period to commemorate the anniversary in a safe and secure way.

Indeed, over the latest few weeks many facts have happened, generating a sense of insecurity in the country, which doesn’t help the wellbeing of our nation and is endangering the transition process. Nevertheless, we are confident that things will change and thanks to the support of all of us we will overcome all the negative aspects and achieve stability and prosperity.

Moreover, knowing the importance of the role the civil society can play, with the participation of a variety of civil society actors, we call everybody to get involved in the civil and political life of the new Libya, by speaking out their ideas and proposals, respecting the point of view of each other, and promoting a pacific discussion on different aspects, with mutual respect and appreciation.

In order to achieve our common goals we invite everybody to become the change we wish to see in our beloved Libya!”

Statement Signed by:

  1. Committee of Women Support to Participate in decision Making – Benghazi
  2. “Limada Ana” association for women’s rights – Benghazi
  3. February 17 Organization – Benghazi
  4. Libyan Human Rights Organization – Benghazi
  5. Association of Civil Society Organizations – Misurata
  6. “Ahrar Libya” Organization – Sabha
  7. “Alkeir” Cultural and Social Organization – Sabha
  8. Lawyers Coalition – Sabha
  9. Libyan Organization to Monitor Elections – Sabha
  10. “Wa Ma Tuqaddim” Organization – Sabha
  11. “Rakaz” Organization – Sabha
  12. Southern Libyan Women union – Sabha
  13. Libyan Centre for Strategy & Future Studies – Tripoli
  14. Arab Spring Human Rights Organization – Tripoli
  15. Libyan Youth Forum- Tripoli
  16. Libyan Youth Union- Tripoli
  17. Martyr “Ahmed Krekshi” Organization for Orphans – Tripoli
  18. National Amazigh Libyan Conference – Tripoli
  19. Phoenix – Tripoli
  20. Mother of the Martyrs – Zawia

No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) has been working on the Libyan transition since 2011, in the framework of its program entitled “Supporting Libya’s Democratic Transition through Justice and Accountability”. NPWJ is engaging civil society from across the country. An informal Steering Committee, comprised of a diverse range of Libyan civil society, has been created. The role of the informal Steering Committee is to bring their members into the work on transitional justice in Libya and to ensure that the project develops in a way that is beneficial and appropriate for the Libyan context. NPWJ has held a series of meetings and workshops with civil society representatives in Benghazi, Misurata, Tripoli and Sabha to generate discussion on the needs and perceptions within Libya about its transitional justice process. NPWJ stands by its Libyan partners in their statements calling for peaceful demonstrations and is committed to continuing to provide support for Libya’s transitional justice processes and emerging democracy.

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For further information please contact:
Stefano Moschini, NPWJ Libya Program Coordinator,, 091 7450375
Mohammed Almansuri, Libyan Organization to Monitor Elections, Sabha, 092-634-9615
Wafa Bughaisis, Committee of Women Support to Participate in Decision Making, Benghazi, 092 510 1356