NPWJ convenes roundtable with Saad Eddin Ibrahim to discuss the future of Egypt

12 Apr, 2018 | Press Releases

Brussels, 12 April 2018
On the occasion of his Brussels advocacy visit, NPWJ convened a roundtable discussion with Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Mr Ibrahim is a Professor of Sociology and a well-known defender of human rights and democracy in Egypt and throughout the Arab world.

The meeting, which was hosted by Niccolo’ Figa’-Talamanca, NPWJ Secretary-General, in NPWJ’s Brussels office, provided an opportunity to discuss issues related to democratisation and Arab spring outcomes as well as to highlight the current challenges faced by Egypt marked by an authoritarian drift and the deterioration of the human rights situation.

Mr Ibrahim stressed how shockwaves from the Arab Spring have been energizing diverse groups to demand social justice and human dignity and that, despite current institutional throwbacks, the support from the international community and the EU in particular to peaceful human rights advocates and political dissenters is essential to make the Egyptian authorities accountable and comply with their obligations under international human rights laws and norms.

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