NPWJ urges new Board of Trust Fund for Victims to highest standards.

25 Mar, 2010 | Press Releases

In a letter released on the occasion of the first meeting of the new Board of Directors of the ICC Trust Fund for Victims, No Peace Without Justice urges the Board Members to set the highest standards of transparency and accountability and ensure that it effectively communicates with affected communities and victims.

“The most important component of the Trust Fund is trust, not the funds. The fundamental constituency of this trust is not the international donor community, but the local communities affected by the work of the Trust Fund; to gain and retain their confidence and respect, we urge the Board of Directors of the ICC’s Trust Fund for Victims to adopt an explicit policy of complete transparency, by publishing on the Trust Fund website all documentation related to all projects funded”, says Alison Smith, coordinator of NPWJ’s International Justice program.

NPWJ notes with pleasure that some steps towards transparency have already been taken by the Board. However, such steps must be continued, enhanced and strengthened. Obscurity is not a viable risk management strategy, and may in fact place recipients and beneficiaries in harm’s way, particularly in communities affected by ICC crimes, which face grave challenges in social cohesion, and where rumour and suspicion can have adverse and irreversible consequences. Finally, full transparency can also lead to more effective and more accountable project management and implementation.

The new Board of the Trust Fund, elected on 18 November 2009, includes high-ranking international human rights leaders such as Elisabeth Rehn of Finland, Ms Betty Kaari Murungi of Kenya, Mr Bulgaa Altangerel of Mongolia, Mr Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez of Colombia and Ms Vaira  Vīķe-Freiberga of Latvia.

Download the letter here