Sudan/Darfur: today at 12.00 No Peace Without Justice and the Radical Nonviolent Party deliver to the Italian Government 13.000 signatures to stop the violence

3 Jul, 2008 | Press Releases

Today, at 12.00, a delegation from No Peace Without Justice and the Nonviolent Radical Party will deliver to the Italian Government an international petition, signed by 13.000 citizens worldwide, calling on the G8 countries to intervene in the situation in Sudan.

The initiative is organised in the framework of the campaign “Stop Arms to Sudan”, supported by more than fifty international non-governmental organisations, which demands that G8 countries undertake urgent and concrete steps in order to put an end to the violence and impunity for the outrageous crimes committed in Darfur. In particular, the petition calls on the G8 to issue a declaration which addresses the following five areas:

1. An immediate cessation of the violence. The statement should strongly condemn the renewed violence in Darfur and call on all parties to adhere to previous ceasefire agreements. Likewise, the statement should condemn the recent fighting in Abyei and call on the Government of Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army to adhere to the ceasefire agreed upon as part of the CPA.
2. Halting the transfers of arms. The statement should condemn ongoing violations of the arms embargo articulated in U.N. Security Council Resolution 1591. It should urge all states to stop all arms transfers that go, directly or indirectly, to Darfur in violation of Resolution 1591.
3. Deployment of UNAMID. The statement should offer specific assistance from G8 members to ensure that UNAMID has the technical assistance and equipment necessary to fully deploy as quickly as possible.
4. A reinvigorated peace process in Darfur and a recommitment to the CPA. The statement also should lay out a specific plan for how G8 governments will support efforts to establish a sustainable peace in Darfur and the full implementation of the CPA.
5. Justice and accountability for atrocities committed. The statement should support existing and future efforts to pursue accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all parties to the conflict in Darfur.

Similar demonstrations will take place in the capitals of all G8 countries: English organisations will deliver the signatures to Downing Street, American organizations to the White House and the same in the other G8 capitals.

PartIcipants will include:

Matteo Mecacci, Italian Radical MP, Vice-President of the Nonviolent Radical Party
Marco Perduca, Italian Radical Senator, Vice-President of the Nonviolent Radical Party
Gianfranco Dell’Alba, Secretary General of No Peace Without Justice
Bruno Mellano, President of Radicali italiani
Antonella Casu, Secretary General of Radicali italiani
Michele De Lucia, Treasurer of Radicali Italiani
Antonella Dentamaro, coordinator of No Peace Without Justice initiatives in Italy

For further information: Carla Caraccio, 06-68803791