Transitional Justice Academy: training of victims successfully concluded in Tozeur, Southern Tunisia

27 Apr, 2012 | Press Releases

Tozeur, Tunisia, 27 April 2012
Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center (KADEM) in partnership with No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Association of Justice and Rehabilitation just concluded under the framework of the Transitional Justice Academy (Academy) a training with 27 victims, representatives of victims and victims’ families in Tozeur, Tunisia.After the consultation held on Wednesday 25 April with more than 40 victims from the Southern regions of the country, a smaller group remained for a two-days training course on the main topics and objectives of transitional justice. The two Tunisian experts who conducted the training had also taken part in a number of activities under the Academy, including the Trainer of Trainers held on 31 January-4February 2012.

The trainers engaged victims on the basic concepts of transitional justice, namely: truth-seeking; the notion of victims and nature of violations; reparations and rehabilitation; accountability and reconciliation; guarantees of non-repetition and institutional reform; Truth Commissions. In each session, after an initial presentation from the trainers, participants continued discussions on the various topics in working groups, presented to the plenary the main issues raised, brainstormed with the trainers on a number of transitional justice issues and conducted practical exercises.

This training is the first within the framework of the Academy specifically dedicated to victims and is designed to enhance the knowledge on transitional justice of one of its most important stakeholders, those who suffered directly from the violations that transitional justice aims to address. In order to involve victims in the design of transitional justice mechanisms, it is important to engage them on the various approaches by which they can obtain redress for the harms they have suffered. Only if they are informed, they can express their views and opinions on what mechanism they would favour.

The training course and all events held within the framework of the Academy are designed to enhance the knowledge of main Tunisian stakeholders and actors on transitional justice, by raising awareness about this topic and reinforcing the capacities of key actors to play a dynamic role in supporting transitional justice processes. The creation of this facility guarantees the development of a comprehensive program, which also includes specific courses targeting various groups. This joint initiative will contribute to foster broad engagement of all segments of Tunisian society and help create momentum for the establishment of a National Commission on transitional justice to address violations under the former authoritarian regime.

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