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Antonella Casu

Financial Manager

Antonella Casu has joined the Radical Party in 1982 and has been an active participant in all political initiatives since 1980. Notably, she ran campaigns to collect signatures for Referendum and the activities to give back directly to the people in cash funds received as public funding by the Radicals as part of a campaign to end state support for political parties in 1997.

Since then and for 20 years she ran the administration of the Radical Party. In recent times the focus of her work has been on the cost of the lack of democracy and the reduction of public spending linked to the political system.

The key principle of her civil and political commitment was always Einaudi’s “conoscere per deliberare” (knowledge in action). She was elected Secretary of Radicali Italiani in July 2008 and during her mandate she set-up the campaign for a Transparency Register for elected and representatives and public officials, to ensure that activities, choices and behaviours of those who represent us is known to everybody, and promoting the kind of transparency that has is associated with Parliaments of historical Anglo-Saxon democracies.

She coordinated the work of documentation on the elision of democracy, constitutional legality and the rule of law in Italy, which is notably collected in the dossier “Italian Plague”. She worked with the Radical members of the European Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies and the Lazio Regional Council on issues of transparency.

With the determination that dervies from her Sardinian origins, she is uncompromising in respect to adherence to the rules, to the law and to committments.