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Benedetta Cascio

Gaia Durante Mangoni


Gaia Durante Mangoni holds a BA in International Relations from King’s College London. Before joining No Peace Without Justice, she interned for six months at the International Crisis Group in Brussels and at the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Programme Office in Bucharest. Her interests include human rights violations, terrorism and counterterrorism strategies and the European common defence and security policy. She has focused on varied research topics, including the ICRC’s humanitarian neutrality in Afghanistan and Ukraine, the nexus of security challenges in the Sahel and transitional justice processes, particularly in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Alongside her studies, Gaia has actively engaged with and led activities in several students associations and has been volunteering with human rights and youth empowerment organisations in Italy and the UK, including Amnesty International and Libera. She speaks, Italian, English, French, and Spanish and has basic knowledge of Russian.