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Benedetta Cascio

Suzanne Dufour


Suzanne is a French law student. She holds a Bachelor of Public Law from the Catholic University of Paris, and a master’s degree in human rights from the University Catholic of Lille. Beyond her academic background, her involvement in associations has profoundly influenced her desire to advocate for human rights. As the vice president of the student and feminist association HeforShe during her undergraduate studies, she organized debates, conferences, surveys, and awareness campaigns on gender equality. This experience allowed her to contribute to the evolution of behaviors within our student community. Taking on leadership liability during significant challenges strengthened her ability to work with others and to take the helm of a team. Over the past two years, she has actively participated in debates and oratory competitions, thereby developing its abilities to gain more deliberative and concomitantly deepening her understanding of contemporary issues. She notably pleaded at the European Court of Human Rights during the 38th edition of the French moot court Cassin. Finally, she is currently writing her master thesis on the reparation of victim of sexual violence after an armed conflict. Exploring feminist claims, she became aware of the importance of developing new approaches of justice to address the challenges posed by sexual violence.