The sixth International SCSL Prosecutor's Colloquium

Freetown, Sierra Leone, 14-16 May 2011

No Peace Without Justice engaged with participants of the Prosecutor’s Colloquium on 14-15 May 2011 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The annual Colloquium brings together the Prosecutors of international courts and tribunals in a discussion about best practices and is an opportunity to identify common areas of concern and exchange information and ideas. NPWJ acted as rapporteur for two of the sessions and a commentator for one of the sessions.
The Sixth Prosecutor’s Colloquium focused on the impact, legacy and the future, specifically as the SCSL had concluded evidence in the Taylor trial. The Colloquium took place at the Barmoi Hotel in Freetown and was attended by the Prosecutors of the ICTY, ECCC and SCSL, the Deputy Prosecutor of the ICC, the Head of Prosecutions of the STL and ICTR, Ambassador Stephen Rapp, US Ambassador-at-large for War Crimes, as well as international and Sierra Leonean NGOs.
NPWJ’s policy priorities were reflected in the discussions, during plenary sessions that included civil society and the prosecutors; working sessions of civil society; and during a session dedicated to the exchange of ideas between the prosecutors and civil society representatives. These priorities include prosecutorial policies, field presence of international courts and tribunals, legacy issues, how to maximise the impact of international courts and tribunals, how international courts and tribunals should view themselves (i.e. as service providers) and the long-term vision for the future of the international criminal justice system.
No Peace Without Justice is a founding member of the NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) and one of the organisations at the forefront of promoting the establishment and entry into force of the permanent International Criminal Court (ICC). NPWJ continues to work for universal ratification and implementation of the Rome Statute and the effective operations of the ICC.