04 August 2022 – Environmental Justice & Human Rights

4 Aug, 2022 | News Digests

Colombia must meet international deforestation targets -new environment minister

Reuters, 04 Aug 2022

Colombia must base its conservation targets on international agreements that push for annual deforestation of 100,000 hectares or less by 2025, incoming Environment Minister Susana Muhamad said on Wednesday.

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UN chief slams ‘immoral’ profiteering amid global energy crisis

UN News, 03 Aug 2022

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, skyrocketing energy prices are compounding an existential cost-of-living crisis for hundreds of millions of people, the UN chief said on Wednesday, introducing the third is a series of briefings from the Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG) on Food, Energy and Finance.

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American west faces water and power shortages due to climate crisis: UN environment agency

UN News, 02 Aug 2022

Two of the largest reservoirs in the United States are at dangerously low levels due to the climate crisis and overconsumption of water, which could affect water and electricity supply for millions in six western states and Mexico, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) warned on Tuesday. 

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Malawi: Climate Change Is Putting Women & Girls in Malawi At Greater Risk of Sexual Violence

AllAfrica, 01 Aug 2022

It is often those least responsible for causing climate change that suffer the most from the impacts. And such is the case with women and girls in Malawi – one of the world’s poorest and lowest carbon-emitting countries but ranked fifth in the Global Climate Index 2021 list of nations worst affected by climate-related extreme weather.

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US: Death toll from Kentucky floods rises to 35 as rains continue

Al Jazeera, 01 Aug 2022

Torrential flooding in the US state of Kentucky has now killed 35 people, including at least four children. Rain continues to pound the region as search-and-rescue teams push forward with the grim task of searching for the missing.

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Africa: We Need a Clearer Roadmap to a Resilient Food System

AllAfrica, 01 Aug 2022

As climate change hits farmers and those who depend on them, creating a smarter food system is now critical. Each year the country presiding over the UN Climate Summit – which this year is Egypt – can choose key areas in which to raise ambition through the ‘presidency programme’. The news that Egypt has chosen to add an ‘adaptation and agriculture day’ at COP27 is very welcome and shows how agriculture is rising to the top of the climate agenda. But it is imperative that this delivers tangible progress towards a more sustainable global food system.

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India backs UN Resolution to recognise human right to clean, healthy environment; raises concern over text

The Times of India, 29 Jul 2022

India has voted in favour of a UN General Assembly Resolution that recognises the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right, but dissociated itself from an operative paragraph of the thext and voiced its concerns over the procedure and substance of the resolution.

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