Consultative meeting with the Attorney General of the Benghazi branch on the identification of training needs and design of training programs

14 Mar, 2023 | Comunicati Stampa

Djerba (Tunisia), 14-15 March 2023

In the framework of EU-funded ADALIT-Libya project, No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) organized held on 14 and 15 March 2023 a consultative meeting with the Attorney general of the Benghazi branch on the identification of training needs and design of training programs. The meeting took place in Djerba, Tunisia and was anticipated by a preparatory informal meeting held in January in Benghazi with the President of the Benghazi Branch of the Public Advocates and 5 members of the Training Committee of this branch. Here, the gaps in knowledge and needs for training were identified and agreed upon.

This consultative meeting represented the first phase of an action plan aimed to develop and strengthen the skills of lawyers affiliated with the Department of Peoples’ Legal Defense in the field of legal assistance to Libyan citizens and foreigners residing in Libya in relation to the rule of law and human rights, especially in the case of groups most in need of legal aid and vulnerable to abuses.

Over the two days, we provided various concepts and explanations on the training system processes, with particular attention on methodology, objectives, training design, implementation, assessment and evaluation. In addition, participants learnt the importance of and necessity to apply guiding principles to trainings in the field of human rights, such as the respect for dignity and promotion of independence, equality and non-discrimination, participation and equal opportunities, accessibility and inclusivity, freedom of opinion and expression, and protection of personal data.

At the end of the meeting, participants agreed to approve the final version of the training needs identification questionnaire for the Benghazi Branch of Public Advocacy. This questionnaire was prepared during the meeting and participants agreed on distributing it to the members of the aforementioned, analysing its results and preparing an outline of the training plan accordingly.

Six lawyers from the DPLD branch in Benghazi participated to the consultative meeting (5 women and one man).