Human Rights Council: NPWJ submits written statement on the impact of illicit trade on human rights in Syria

28 Giu, 2024 | Comunicati Stampa

Geneva, 28 June 2024

In the framework of the UN Human Rights Council Fifty-sixth session, under Agenda item 4 (Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention), Non c’è Pace Senza Giustizia / No Peace Without Justice submitted a written statement « For a Human Rights Approach to Combat Illicit Trade: the Case of the Syrian Arab Republic ».

In this document Non c’è pace senza giustizia (NPSG) outlines urgent concerns on the Syrian Arab Republic’s current Human Rights conditions and offers recommendations that should be implemented by the international community.

War economies and illicit trade have a concrete, tangible human rights cost, at the very least in terms of erosion of rule of law which becomes exponentially higher in conflict. Illicit trade increases human suffering, laying the groundwork for a future based on impunity, unchecked power and criminality; fuels the conflict preventing its resolution; and harms society by allowing perpetrators to act with impunity.

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