HURINET, NPWJ and UCICC launch Final Report on Delegates’ Visits to Uganda

10 Dic, 2010 | Dicono di noi

On Human Rights Day, Friday 10 December, the Human Rights Network-Uganda (HURINET-U), No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and the Ugandan Coalition for the ICC (UCICC) launched the Final Report on the project of visits to Uganda by representatives of State Parties to the ICC, which was carried out in Uganda from January to June 2010. The event highlighted the main findings of the Project and featured interventions by the Registrar for the ICC, Silvana Arbia; Julian Guerrero, Deputy Head of Mission at the Colombian Embassy in the Hague and a participant in the final visit in May; Joyce Apio, Coordinator of the Ugandan Coalition for the ICC and Niamh Gibbons of NPWJ.

Madame Arbia’s comments focused on the vital importance of the ICC’s work in the field and the importance of strengthening the Court’s field offices in order to enhance its ability to carry out its work in the field effectively and make a strong and positive impact in situation countries. Mr. Guerrero focused on the effect the visit to Uganda had on him personally and on his work as an ASP delegate. He also highlighted how, by spending time in Uganda, it becomes clear that it is vitally important to begin giving serious consideration to the legacy the ICC will leave in its situation countries. Ms. Gibbons summarized some of the main findings of the report, while Ms. Apio highlighted some its key recommendations.
Delegates attending the launch spoke uniformly about the success of the project and encouraged the organizers to continue similar visits in the future in other situation countries, as well as expressing support for further civil society initiatives to support and spread knowledge and awareness about the ICC.

Read the Final Report of the delegates’ visits here

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