HURINET, NPWJ and UCICC launch Interim Report on Delegates Visits to Uganda and commence 4th visit

5 Mag, 2010 | Dicono di noi

HURINET, NPWJ and UCICC have launched an ‘Interim Report‘ on the program of visits to Uganda by ICC State Party delegates in advance of the Review Conference on the Rome Statute to be held in Kampala in June 2010.

The report is based on the findings of the first two visits which took place in January and February 2010 and covered the Gulu and Lira districts of Northern Uganda, as well as Kampala. The findings are based on meetings with national authorities, local officials, civil society, victims and communities, and from feedback received from delegates themselves.

The report’s findings are organized according to their relevance to the four aspects of the Rome Statute system being addressed by the stocktaking exercise at the Review Conference: complementarity, cooperation, the impact on victims and affected communities, and peace and justice.
The report, as an expression of the views of key stakeholders in the fight against impunity in the ICC’s first situation country, is intended to be a contribution to the stocktaking process at the ICC Review Conference.

The 4th visit by ASP delegates to Uganda started on 4 May 2010 with the participation of the delegations of Barbados, Burkina Faso, Comoros, Italy, Madagascar and Uganda.

Visit the special page dedicated to ICC Review Conference Public Engagement Initiative.

For further information, contact: Joyce Apio (UCICC, Kampala):, Tel: +256.752.866.431; Alison Smith (NPWJ, Brussels):, Tel: +32.486.986.235; or Nicola Giovannini (Brussels):, Tel: +32-2-548-3914.

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