06 July 2022 – International Criminal Justice

6 Lug, 2022 | Rassegna Stampa

Global dismay as supreme court ruling leaves Biden’s climate policy in tatters

The Guardian, 06 Jul 2022

Joe Biden’s election triggered a global surge in optimism that the climate crisis would, finally, be decisively confronted. But the US supreme court’s decision last week to curtail America’s ability to cut planet-heating emissions has proved the latest blow to a faltering effort by Biden on climate that is now in danger of becoming largely moribund

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India: A Year On, Demand for Justice for Father Stan Swamy’s Death in Custody

FIDH, 06 Jul 2022

On 5 July 2021, 84-year-old Jesuit priest and human rights defender Father Stan Swamy died in judicial custody at the Holy Family Hospital, in Mumbai, India. On the first anniversary of his death, we, the 13 undersigned international and national human rights organisations, remember Stan Swamy’s decades-long commitment to realising the rights of Dalit and indigenous peoples in India, especially in Jharkhand State. We recall our demand for an independent and effective investigation into his death in custody and for the immediate and unconditional release of the 15 other prominent human rights defenders charged in the same case

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Smuggling operation sent thousands of people across Channel illegally in small boats

The Guardian, 06 Jul 2022

Police in five European countries uncover criminal network. A smuggling operation that police believe illegally sent 10,000 people across the Channel over the last 18 months has been uncovered after a coordinated operation across five European countries.

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France: Rights Agenda for Macron’s Second Term

Human Rights Watch, 06 Jul 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron should ensure as he begins his second term, that his administration is effective in placing human rights at the center of their policies, both at home and abroad, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the president. Human Rights Watch included an agenda detailing recommendations on human rights priorities for the re-elected president.

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For Sudan, Hope Isn’t a Strategy

Human Rights Watch, 05 Jul 2022

Policy wonks like to have a theory of change. If X and Y happen, then Z will be achieved. For Sudan, the U.S. government’s theory of change seems to go like this: If we support a deal among the Sudanese military who took power back by force and political elites, we will see civilian-led democracy come to Sudan.

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Turkey should face international court over Yazidi genocide, report says

The Guardian, 05 Jul 2022

Turkey should face charges in front of the international court of justice for being complicit in acts of genocide against the Yazidi people, while Syria and Iraq failed in their duty to prevent the killings, an investigation endorsed by British human rights lawyer Helena Kennedy has said.

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The ICC at 20: Double standards have no place in international justice

Amnesty International, 01 Jul 2022

As the International Criminal Court (ICC) marks its twentieth anniversary, Amnesty International has warned that the court’s legitimacy risks being eroded by an increasingly selective approach to justice. The organization highlighted several recent decisions and practices which appear to demonstrate double standards and a willingness to be influenced by powerful states.

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