08 February 2023 – International Criminal Justice

8 Feb, 2023 | Rassegna Stampa

Thai children ‘face jail time’ after protest arrests: Amnesty

Al Jazeera, 08 Feb 2023

In a new report from Amnesty International are documented stories linked with human rights violations in connection to children participating in Thailand’s long-running protests and was released on Wednesday. The protests, which demanded greater democratisation, also broke a nationwide taboo by openly calling for reforms to the monarchy. In addition, there has also been an apparent pattern of discrimination against LGBTQ children and ethnic minority children, according to the rights group.

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Mexico made criminal justice reforms in 2008 – they haven’t done much to reduce crime

The Conversation, 07 Feb 2023

Mexico has waged a long, bloody battle on drugs and crime for decades. But violence there continues to soar. The ongoing violence in parts of Mexico is largely associated with drug trafficking organizations like Sinaloa, street gangs and self-defence forces regular citizens have formed to protect themselves from crime because of ineffective police and military deterrents.

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Israel breaks 20-year record for administrative detention of Palestinians – analysis

The Jerusalem Post, 07 Feb 2023

According to the NGO HaMoked, the IDF recently broke its record for administrative detentions of Palestinians, dating back around 20 years to the 2002-2003 era of the Second Intifada, when the number passed the 1,000 mark. Even during the later years of the Second Intifada and during the “Knife Intifada” of 2015-2016, the number of administrative detainees was more in the 700 range. In quieter years over the last two decades, the numbers were usually down closer to 200-300 at a time.

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New inquiry examines human trafficking in the UK

UK Parliament, 07 Feb 2023

Human trafficking is a crime that can occur across international borders or within a country. It involves the act of recruiting, transporting or harbouring people for the purposes of exploitation. The nature of trafficking means it is difficult to estimate the number of people being exploited in the UK. The Home Office received 12,727 referrals to its National Referral Mechanism (NRM) in 2021, but this is likely to be below the true number of victims. Charities providing support services to victims of trafficking have highlighted the gender difference of this form of crime. 

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DR Congo: Atrocities by Rwanda-Backed M23 Rebels

Human Rights Watch, 06 Feb 2023

The Rwanda-backed M23 armed group has committed summary executions and forced recruitment of civilians in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Human Rights Watch said today. The Congolese army is responding to the M23’s offensive by collaborating with ethnic militias with abusive records. The warring parties have increasingly appealed to ethnic loyalties, putting civilians in remote areas of North Kivu province at a heightened risk.

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Democrats’ Ilhan Omar defence weakened by party’s own attacks over Israel

The Guardian, 05 Feb 2023

The resolution that set in motion the removal of the only African immigrant, Muslim and former resident of a refugee camp on the congressional committee overseeing US foreign policy paid scant attention to Ilhan Omar’s views on anything but a single issue: Israel. The Democratic leadership accused Republicans of a vendetta. Omar said she was targeted as a Muslim immigrant who “needs to be silenced”, and that “when you push power, power pushes back”.

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