08 November 2022 – FGM & Women’s Rights

8 Nov, 2022 | Rassegna Stampa

The Decline of Women’s Rights Is Inciting More Gender-Based Violence. Solutions Exist.

Pass Blue, 07 Nov 2022

The deterioration of women’s rights across the world is enabling more gender-based violence. Even those who strive to defend and even expand their privileges at the exclusion of others recognize that half the global population suffers inequalities and injustice. This reality was recognized 27 years ago by the 189 countries that signed the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. 

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How abortion law could still impact who wins US midterms

BBC, 07 Nov 2022

Thirteen states banned or severely restricted abortion after the right to the procedure was struck down at federal level this summer, leaving states to make their own rules. On 8 November, voters will determine abortion laws in at least five more, by either upholding or rejecting amendments in their state constitutions on access to the procedure. In California, Michigan and Vermont, it may result in enhanced access, while Kentucky and Montana could restrict abortions. The votes are being held on the same day as midterm elections across the US, which will decide which party – Democrats or Republicans – holds power in Congress. Democrats nationwide have made abortion access central to their messaging. 

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Pope says women’s rights fight is ‘continuous struggle’, condemns mutilation

Reuters, 06 Nov 2022

Pope Francis said on Sunday the fight for women’s rights was a “continuous struggle”, and condemned male chauvinism as deadly for humanity and female genital mutilation as a crime that must be stopped. 

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Amnesty International demands urgent help for survivors of sexual violence in Tigray

France24, 05 Nov 2022

Following the truce deal between Ethiopia’s government and Tigray forces, the country looks ahead to peace and reconciliation. But as Amnesty International researcher Donatella Rovera warns, many women were subject to horrific attacks and not enough is being done to make sure they get justice. 

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What are the plans for gender reforms in Scotland?

BBC, 05 Nov 2022

The Scottish government wants to simplify and speed up the existing process by which people can obtain a gender recognition certificate – the legal recognition of a trans person’s “acquired” gender. 

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UN calls on Taliban to release women’s rights activists

Reuters, 04 Nov 2022

The U.N. human rights chief on Friday called on Afghanistan’s Taliban government to release five people the U.N. says were detained during a news conference organised by a women’s civil society organisation. Police disrupted a news conference in Kabul on Thursday intended to launch a new women’s movement called ‘Afghan Women’s Movement for Equality’, the U.N rights office said. 

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