Watch the video on the Appeal calling for a Worldwide Ban on FGM by the UN

31 Dec, 2010 | NPWJ in the News

No Peace Without Justice, The Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children, Euronet-FGM and La Palabre have launched an International Campaign to promote the adoption of a Resolution by the 65th  United Nations General Assembly that universally and explicitly bans FGM. The video of the appeal calling fora worldwide ban on FGM by the UN can be accessed here.

A Resolution with an explicit ban on female genital mutilation will help to complete the shift of perspectives on FGM from a problem of “public health” or a “cultural” problem, to its universal recognition as a human rights violation and a form of violence against women. A UN Resolution would also reinforce the regional and international conventions that recognize FGM as a violation of human rights, give new impetus to efforts to improve national laws banning FGM where they exist, or to adopt one, where they do not, as well as provide strong and clear support for all activists working to bring an end to the practice.

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Appeal for a worldwide ban on Female Genital Mutilation by the United Nations General Assembly

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